Apollo and Hyacinth

Apollo enjoyed the sport of discus throwing, especially with a youth named Hyacinth or Hyacinthus, his dearest companion. There was no rivalry; they tried for the farthest goal. Apollo's cast swiftly sped beyond his aim and struck Hyacinth full in the forehead. Apollo was horror struck to see the terrible wound with blood gushing forth. As he caught the dying youth in his arms, Hyacinth's head fell back. As Apollo knelt beside his friend and wept for him, he noticed the bloodstained grass turned green and a wondrous flower bloomed, not like the hyacinth we call by that name, but a deep purple lily-shaped flower. Apollo inscribed the petals with two letters "ai" meaning alas. Another version tells the story that Hyacinth was killed in the same manner when playing this sport with Zephyr, the west wind. There is also a story that Zephyr purposefully killed Hyacinth in his jealous anger at Apollo's preference to him.