Protector of Goatherds and Shepherds
Usually depicted as goat-like in appearance, Pan prances through the fertile countryside playing his seven-reed pipe in wild abandon. His piping can be as soft and seductive as the breeze, but when he’s angered, his bellow and howl can be heard for miles.

He fought with the Olympians against the Titans of Kronos and for his terrifying war cry, his name is still associated with PANic fear.

His lust for the nymphs, naiads and dryads is legendary. The nymph, Syrnix, was the name sake for Pan’s reed-pipe because she was turned into a reed to escape the amorous advances of the Goat God (I’m not sure where this story originates). Also, the nymphs Pitys and Echo, were made famous when they fled from Pan. For their insolence Pitys was turned into a pine tree and Echo was transformed into a voice that could only repeat that last word spoken to it.

Young beautiful female spirits that personify the natural world. They take the form of any and all things and give life to the very ground we walk upon.
Nymphs of springs.
Nymphs of trees.
Nymphs of the mountains.