Boys Don't Cry

Release: performed live

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Author: Matthew Green

Tuning: standard

Notes: Cure cover - transcribed as played by the Cure


(Rhythm A)

A Bm C#m D D C#m Bm

Repeat Ryth A, with, Riff A, twice.

e ---------------------------------------- b -----------------------7-9-10-7--------- g ---6-6-7-9-6-6-7-9-9-9----------9-8-(6)- d ---------------------------------------- a ---------------------------------------- e ----------------------------------------

^-- only on second time. Repeat Ryth A.

Rythym B

A Bm C#m D

Repeat for the first part of the verse.

Rythym C

C#m Bm

Repeat for the second part of the verse.

Do Rythym A, and Riff A during the chorus.

repeat that for the second verse/chorus...

For the 'Mis-judged your limits..' bit, its ..

Rythym D

Em F#m F#m7 Em F#m F#m7 Em F#m F#m7 D E

back to the verse, with this ..

g ---6-

on heavy over drive, .. then to the end..

--- Transcribed by Matthew Green. "Oh, I never wanted this. Now everything is destroyed."