Release: A Very Special Christmas 3

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins

Author: 1. Elliot Marshall   2. Andy Hale

Tuning: 1. standard 2. Eb


Version 1 ---------

This is my first TAB, I hope someone else can figure out the rest of this tune in time for Christmas. It's easier to play this on the piano (a synth with strings sounds best) but here is the main part for the guitar.

----------------------------------------------13--12--10--8----- --6--5--3--1--3-----5--5---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

Version 2 ---------

Tuning - One half step down (Sounds good with guitar tuned down half step and having a capo on the third fret.

Notes - This song uses vitually no distinguishable guitar (piano, chimes, bass) These guitar chords take the place or provide a good addition to the piano.

Intro - (Fingerpick C)

C G F C G F Am G Dm G G

Verse - (strum all chords) C G Am C G Am C G Am F F F Am F F G C G F C G F Am G Dm G C Dm C Dm C Dm Am F G G

Go back to Intro but still don't fingerpick the C's after done play verse again end on a C

Strumming Pattern(s) -

Verse C -

down, up, down, up - down, up, down 1 & 2 & (3) & 4 &

Rest of chords in verse and chords in intro except for intro C -

Down, Down, Up

Extra Notes about song - In the verse uring the three F's should be played (As bar chords) and held out, the change is noticable. The C's can also be finger picked throughout the song, it is just to make everything easier that it be strummed in the verse parts since it changes and speeds up a lot. Play every chord as a bar chord

I hope this all makes sense, this song really can't be tabbed out so only the chords have been provided. Please feel free to pass this tab along, just keep my name and e-mail on it.