Love Is

Why do we hold on to broken dreams?
Things we want, not things we need.
We let desires lead us astray.
And keep on hoping, day to day.
Love is what we really want.
Love is what we really need.
That is why we keep on hoping.
That is why we want to dream.

A place that supersedes that melancholy of our lives.
Where we have a family, little children, and a wife.
We don’t just dream on endlessly of things we want and need.
Love is what we hope for, love is why we dream.

Some of them may never, receive the love they need.
For some it’s nonexistent, a fantasy, a dream.
They’ll go pick up their weapons, little guns and knives.
Then stab you through the heart, maybe eat out your eyes.

Then you’ll know how they feel in their melancholy lives.
You’ll never see your family, your children or your wife.
You were in your little dream world, although not the only one.
Then you’ll realize that you were more fortunate than some.

You used to have a good life, but you won’t any more.
For hours you will lie there, bleeding on the floor.
Until the life had drained from you, due to all you’ve bled.
Then you’ll have no dreams left, after all, you will be dead.