Why don't you give a damn?
Why do you persecute me?
Don't front with me
Tell me why
Why you lie
The way that you do.
You made me believe that there was good in the world
You told me you'd stay forever
That you would never leave me
You backstabbed me
Threw me in the gutter
And left me to die.
I lay there in the throes of dispair
Thinking I had no hope, no love, no life
But then I saw her
The light hit my eyes
Blinding me like love
Though love doesen't come naturally to me.
I often wonder how I came to be like this
Wondering where I came from
Or who I was
I realized that it didn't matter where I came from
Or who I was
All that mattered was I was with her.
When I was with her nothing else mattered
The world meant nothing
The scars and the pain vanished
The fresh tears dried
My heart beat again
My emotions tingled and jumped with jovial joy.
It has been many a year since I met you
You stuck by my side
You were and still are my love
Though you rest now
And will never awaken
You are dead and these are my last breaths
I do not know how I would have died without knowing true love.