Aphrodite and Adonis

Aphrodite saw Adonis when he was born and noticed his potential beauty. She entrusted his care taking to Persephone who later fell in love with him and would not give him back to Aphrodite. Zeus had to judge as neither goddess would relinquish their claim. He decided that Adonis would spend half of the year with Persephone and the other with Aphrodite. During the time with Aphrodite Adonis loved to hunt. She would follow him dressed like a huntress as he drove her swan-chariot through the woodlands. One such occasion Aphrodite was not with him as he and his hunting dogs tracked a wild boar. Adonis' spear only wounded the mighty boar that turned mad with pain and gored Adonis with his tusks. Aphrodite heard his cries and fled to him. The dark blood flowed down his skin and his eyes grew heavy. She kissed him as he died. The crimson anemone, a wind flower, sprang up where his blood had dropped. She wept for him as did all the Muses.