Aphrodite Goddess of Love
Apollo Son of Zeus
Ares God of War
Artemis Daughter of Zeus
Athene The Spoiler
Cheiron The Centaur
Circe The Dread Goddess
Dawn The Goddess Eos
Demeter Goddess of the Harvest
Dione A mother to Aphrodite
Enyo One of the Gray Sisters
Eos Goddess of the Dawn
Erida The Goddess, Hate
Erinyes The Mist Walker
Eris Twin Sister of Ares
Eros Archer of Love
Eurynome Mother of The Graces
Fates All will kneel before them
Gorgon Snake-Headed Medusa
Graces May They Bless You
Hades God of the Underworld
Hebe Wife of Herakles
Helios The Sun
Hephaestus God of the Smith
Hera The Most Beautiful Olympian
Herakles Penultimate Hero
Hermes Messenger of the Gods
Hestia Goddess of the Hearth
Hours Sisters of the Fates
Hyperion The Titan, Father of Dawn
Hypnos Sleep, Brother of Thanatos
Io The Heifer Maiden
Iris The Swift Footed Messenger
Kalypso The Queenly Nympth
Kronos Lord of the Titans
Leto Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Medusa The Gorgon
Muses The Nine Sisters
Nereids Daughters of Nereus
Odysseus A Very Resourceful Traveler
Pan The Goat God
Persephone Wife of Hades
Poseidon The Earth Shaker
Prometheus The Rebel God
Rheia Mother of the Olympians
Rivers in The Iliad
Skylla The Beast with Six Heads
Styx The Oath River
Thanatos The God, Death
Thetis Mother of Achilleus
Winds Children of the Dawn
Zeus The Alpha of Immortals