King DanaŘs of Egypt had 50 daughters (called the The Dana´ds). His twin brother Aegyptus, wishing to settle a quarrel between them, wanted his 50 sons to marry their cousins, but the girls, and their father, were bitterly opposed to it. The family fled to another country for sanctuary, but Aegyptus and his sons prevailed. DanaŘs presided over the mass wedding, but secretly gave each of his daughters a dagger with which to kill her husband on the wedding night. That night the Dana´ds slew their bridegrooms, all except Hypermnestra who refused to stab Lynceus, for which disobedience her father threw her in prison. Her sisters suffered a worse fate, however, as a panel of gods sentenced them to the fruitless and eternal task of filling leaking jars for all eternity in Hades.