Orion was a son of Poseidon, and famous as a hunter. He fell in love with, and courted, Merope, but grew impatient at her father's conditions, and raped her. Her father blinded him as punishment. Orion, upon the advice of an oracle, traveled east to the point where Helios arose from the ocean. Dawn fell in love with Orion and slept with him, whereupon Helios (the sun) cured his sight. Orion decided to seek out Merope's father to get revenge, but Artemis persuaded him to become her hunting companion instead. Apollo, fearing for the chastity of his sister Artemis, sent a giant scorpion to chase Orion. Unable to slay the scorpion, Orion set out across the water to escape it. Apollo convinced Artemis to shoot the bobbing object out on the waves. Her arrow pierced Orion's head and killed him. In grief she placed him in the heavens as the constellation Orion. Apollo then placed the scorpion in the sky as a constellation, where it still chases Orion.