Son of Zeus and Danae, Perseus reached maturity on the beach of an island after being thrown into the ocean in a chest along with his mother. Perseus was sent to bring the head of Medusa, a monster with a serpent’s tail, hair of snakes, and ability to turn to stone whatever looked her in the face, back to the king Polydectes. He succeeded in doing this using enchanted items including sandals, a wallet, a helmet, and a sickle. From the blood of Medusa, the winged horse Pegasus sprouted, which would later prove important to Bellerophon. On his way home, Perseus encountered a young princess, Andromeda, chained to a rock. As a punishment to her mother, Andromeda was going to be executed by a sea monster. Perseus killed the monster, and soon married Andromeda, after turning her unwilling parents to stone. Later in his life, Perseus mistakenly killed his grandfather, Acrisius, and also fathered many sons.