Absyrtus was the brother that Medea killed to save Jason. His body was cut into pieces and thrown overboard. Because of this act, Medea had to stop and sacrifice to the gods for forgiveness.
Acastus was a son of Pelias. He banished Jason and Medea from Iolcus.

Achilles was the son of Thetis and Peleus. The only place where he could be hurt was his heel.

Acrisius was the great grandson of Danaus, who was the son of Abas and Aglaia. He was the grandfather of Persus who later killed Acrisius by accident.

Actaeon was a hunter who saw Artemis bathing. Artemis turned him into a stag and let his own dogs tear him to pieces.

Admetus was the husband of Alcestis. He was one of the Argonauts and he participated in the Calydonian boar hunt.

Adonis was the son of Cinyras and Myrrha. He was a favorite of Aphordite because he was so handsome. They had two children together. When Adonis was killed by a wild boar, where his blood touched the ground, up sprang a flower called an anemone.

Adrasteia was an ash nymph, who took care of Zeus with her sister Io.

Aeetes was the King of Collchis and the brother of Circe, Pasiphae, and Persus. He is the father of Medea.

Aegeus was Theseus' father, who threw himself off a cliff after seeing black sails on a ship.

Aegisthus was the son of Theyestus and Peliopia. He help Cytemnestra kill Aegmemnon after he returned from the Trojan War. They ruled together in his place but then were killed by Orestus, Pylades, and Electra.

Aegyptus was the father of fifty sons who were all killed by their wives except one. He was the brother of Danaus.

Aeneas was a Trojan who escaped death and later founded Rome.

Aeson was the King of Thessaly. He was the father of Jason and he let his son's education be handled by a centaur named Chiron. Aeson had his youth restored by Medea.

Aethra was the daughter of Pittheus, the king of Troezen. She is the wife of Aegeus and the mother of Theseus.

Agamemnon was the son of Atreus and Aerope and the brother of Menelaus and Anaxibia. He was the king of Argos and Mycenae and the commander in chief for the Greek forces in the Trojan War. When he returned home from the war, he was killed by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus.

Ajax was the son of Telamon and Periboea. He fought with Odysseus over Achilles armor and he lost. There are many conflicting stories about Ajax and the armor, but many say he killed himself after that.

Alcamene was the last mortal woman Zeus married and the mother of Heracles as well.

Alcestis was he wife of Admetus. She died willingly for him when he was looking for someone to die for him so he could live.

Alcinous was the was the king of Sicily who helped Odysseus find his way home.

Althea was the mother of Meleager. She killed him by throwing a log which contained his life into the fire after finding out about her brothers' deaths.

Amphitrion was the mortal husband of Alcamene and the father of Heracles' half-brother Iphicles.

Anchises was the father of Aeneas who was crippled by Zeus after boasting that Aphrodite was the mother of his son.

Andromache was the wife of Hector who was captured by the son of Achilles.

Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopea. She became wife of Persues when he killed the sea monster she was to be sacrificed to.

Antenor was a counselor to Priam during the Trojan War. He gave information to theGreeks and was saved when the city was taken over. Antenor was said to have come up with the Trojan horse and to return Helen and conclude the war.

Antigone was the daughter of Oedipus, and the sister of Eteocles, Polynices, and Ismene. She was with her father when he died. After that she went to Thebes, her father's kingdom, and heard that her two brothers died. It was against the law to bury her father, but she did it anyway and was buried alive for her crime.

Antinous was one of the Penelope's chief suitors. He worked with Eurymachus many times to try and kill Telemachus.

Arachne was a wonderful weaver but very proud. She was turned into a spider by Athena, who was angry that this girl should boast so much.

Araidne was the daughter of King Minos who helped Theseus in order to be his wife. Unfortunately, in his hurry to get home, Theseus left Araidne on an island, where Dionysius found and married her.

Arcas was the son of Callisto, a nymph seduced by Zeus.

Argonauts were a group of heroes who helped Jason find the golden fleece.

Argus (also called Panoptes) was a 100-eyed giant who gaurded Io while she was a cow, but he was killed by Hermes.

Atalanta was the daughter of a king who left her on a mountain to die. A bear found and nursed her and she became a huntress. She refused to marry, but her father forced her to so she tried to get out of it by challenging suitors to a race. If they lost, they died, if they won, they married her. But a man named Hippomenes won by a trick.

Augeias was the King of Elis and the owner of the Augean Stables. He did not keep his promise to Hercules and did not give a tenth of all his cattle for cleaning the stable.

Auglauros was the daughter of Cecrops to whom Athena gave Erichthonis for care. She wasn't supposed to look in the basket with the baby, but she did and was punished by jealousy of her beautiful sister Herse, who was loved by Hermes.

Bellerophon The hero who defeated the Chimera and tamed Pegasus. After defeating the Chimera, he tried to fly up to Olympus but did not succeed.

Cadmus was the brother of Europa. In his search for his sister, he founded the city of Thebes.

Callisto was a nymph who was a follower of Artemis until Zeus fell in love with her. She had a son who was turned into a bear just as he was about to kill her because Artemis had turned her into a bear.

Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, King of Troy. She rejected Apollo's love, and was later killed by Clytemnestra.

Cassiopeia was the wife of Cepheus, the king of Ethiopia, and the mother of Andromeda. She made Poseidon mad by saying that she was more beautiful then the Nerieds, so Posiedon sent a huge sea monster that distroyed all of Ethiopia. She became a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere.

Castor and Pollux was the son of the King Tyndareus of Sparta and Leda. He had a twin brother, Pollux, and two sisters, Helen and Clytemnestra. All of the childern, including Castor, were famous and were good at many things. When Castor and Pollux died they were put into heaven and are now the constellation of Gemini.

Cecrops was the father of Herse, Pandrosos, and Auglauros as well as the king of Athens.

Cephalus was the son of King Deioneus of Thessaly. Because of Eos' jealousy, his marriage with Procris was destroyed.

Cepheus was the king of Ethiopia and the father of Andromeda. His wife Cassieopia foolishly boasted that she was more beautiful than the Nereids.

Cinyras was the king who tried to kill his daughter when he found out that he was the father of her child.

Clymene was the mother of Phaeton.

Clytemnestra was the wife of Trojan worrior, Agamemnon. She killed her husband and Cassandra, but was later killed by her own son, Orestes.

Creusa was the daughter of Gaia and Erechtheus. She is also the mother of Cyrene and once wife of Jason.

Daedalus was a clever inventor who was favored by Athena until he killed his more talented nephew. He and his son Icarus were locked up on an island by Minos with no escape, but he made them each a pair of wings.

Danae was the mother of Perseus who was locked up by her father Acrisius. Zeus saw her and came to her in a shower of gold.

Danaids is the name given to the fifty daughters of Danaus. These daughters married the fifty sons of Aegyptus and all of them, except one, killed their husbands on their wedding night. As punishment, Zeus ordered them to draw water with a sieve in the Underworld forever. The one girl who did not kill her husband was Hypermnestra.

Daphne was a river nymph who was loved by Apollo. She did not love Apollo though, and begged her father to save her just as he caught up her her. Her father, a river god, turned her into the laurel tree

Daunaus was the father of the fifty Danaides, 49 of whom suffered for eternity in Tartarus for murdering their husbands.

Deianara was the second and last wife of Heracles who also caused his death. She hanged herself after finding out that she was responsible for murdering her husband.

Deiphobus was a son of Priam and Hecuba. He fell in love with Helen and married her by force after Paris died.

Deucalion was a son of Prometheus. He and his wife Pyrrha were the only ones to survive a flood and created other human beings by throwing stones over their shoulder.

Dictys was a fisherman who helped Danae and her son Perseus.

Diomedes was a hero who wounded Ares and Aphrodite in battle during the Trojan War. Like Odysseus, he was a favorite of Athena.
Another Diomedes was the king who had flesh-eating horses. Heracles captured his horses and fed Diomedes to them.

Electra was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra. She was married by Clytemnestra to a lowly peasant to prevent her from avenging the murder of Agamemnon. She was later reunited with Orestes, her brother, and the two of them and his friend Pylades killed both Clytmenestra and her lover Aigisthus.

Endymion was a shepherd loved by Selene. She made him sleep forever so he would be immortal and forever youthful.

Erichthonis was the son of Hephaestus, but while his mother was supposed to be Athena, it was actually Gaia. Athena took care of him and gave him to the care of Auglauros, a daughter of Cecrops.

Eteocles was a son of Oedipus.

Europa was the daughter of Agenor and Telephassa and the sister of Cadmus, Cilix and Phoenix. Once Zeus changed himself into a pure white bull and Europa climbed onto his back. He took her to the island of Crete and she had three of Zeus' children, Minos, Sarpedon, and Rhadamanthus.

Eurycleia was the faithful nurse of Odysseus who recognized him by a scar on his leg.

Eurydice was the wife of Orpheus.

Eurymachus was the best of Penelope's suitors. He was one of 108 suitors who pursued Penelope when Odysseus was away on his travels. Eurymachus was killed by Odysseus when he came home.

Eurytheus was the cowardly cousin of Heracles who assigned him the 12 labors with the help of Hera.

Galatea was a statue created by Pygmalion. Aphrodite brought her to life because Pygmalion loved her so much.

Hector was the bravest of all Trojan warriors, and also the most noble. He died at the hand of Achilles.

Hecuba was the wife of Priam who bore him fifty children, among them Hector, Paris, Cassandra, and Deiphobus.

Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and was wife of Menelaus, the King of Sparta. Since she was a beautiful maiden, Paris, prince of Troy, wanted her for himself. This started the Trojan War.

Helle was one of the two children of King Athamas. The two children were sent away by their stepmother. When a ram sent to help them from Hermes flew over a river, Helle fell off and drowned

Hero was a beautiful priestess of Aphrodite who loved Leander. Being a priestess, she couldn't marry, so she did it secretly. After finding out that her lover was dead, she killed herself.

Herse was a sister of Auglauros and the daughter of Cecrops. Hermes loved her, but abandoned her because of her jealous sister.

Hesione was an aunt of Priam. Heracles kidnapped her and she married Telamon.

Hippolyte was the Queen of the Amazons. She gave her girdle to Hercules who gave her as a wife to Theseus. They had a child named Hippolytus.

Hippolytus was the song of Hippolyte and Theseus. He refused to marry Phaedra, the first wife of Theseus, and was killed by his father when Phaedra told Theseus that he had tried to wed her.

Hippodamia was the only daughter of Oenomaus who married Pelops when he won her in a chariot race.

Hippomenes (also called Melanion) was the husband of Atalanta. Atalanta had not wanted to marry anyone but she had many men pursuing her. She held races with young men and if they could beat her, she would marry them. Of course, she beat all of the men except Hippomenes, who became her husband.

Hyacinthus was a youth loved by Apollo and a wind. Apollo turned him into a flower after his death.

Hylas was a handsome boy who was going to be among the Argonauts, but a water nymph kidnapped him. Heracles went searching for him and never returned to the Argo, which was the ship that carried the Argonauts.

Hypermnesta was one of the daughters of Danaus, and the wife of Lynceus. Of all the fifty children of Danaus, Hypermnestra was the only one who did not murder her husband on her wedding night.

Icarus was the son of Daedalus. He went with his father to Crete, and by the orders of Minos, was confined to a labyrinth that his father made. Daedalus made wings out of feathers and wax. While they were flying, the wax on Icarus' wings melted and he plunged into the Icarian Sea.

Idomeneus was the king of Crete whose wife Meda believed Nauplius and took Leucus as a lover. As a result, he wandered for years because he was driven out of his own country.

Io was the daughter of Inachus and a lover of Zeus. Because Hera was so supsious of her husband, Zeus turned Io into a heifer. As a heifer, Io wandered all over the world because she was bothered by a fly. She returned to Egypt was turned back into a woman by Zeus. They had a child named Epaphus.
Io was also the name of an ash nymph who took care of the infant Zeus.

Iolaus was the son of Iphicles and the nephew of Heracles. He aided Heracles in destroying the Hydra.

Iphigeneia was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra who was sacrificed to Artemis for a favorable wind. Artemis saved her, but Clytemnestra began to hate Agamemnon for sacrificing her.

Iphicles was the twin brother of Heracles.

Ismene was the sister of Antigone.

Jason was a hero who led the Argonauts in a quest for the golden fleece, but was later cursed because of his cruel treatment of Medea.

Jocosta was the mother of Oedipus who also married him unknowningly.

Laius was the king who fathered Oedipus, and was killed by his own son, as the oracle of Delphi predicted.

Laocoon was the son of Priam and Hercuba and a preist of Apollo. He distrusted the Wooden Horse. Athena killed Laocoon and his two sons by sending a huge sea serpent that crushed him.

Leander was a youth who loved the priestess Hero. He swam across a dangerous river each night to be with her. Unfortunately for the two, one night, there was a storm and Leander was killed in his attempt to reach Hero.

Leda was the wife Tyndareus, the King of Sparta, and the daughter of Thespius. She was suduced by Zeus, in the form of a swan, and she had quadruplets, Castor, Pollux, Helen, and Clytemnestra. All four of them hatched out of an egg.

Lynceus was the son of Aegyptus and the husband of Hypermnestra.

Machaon was the son of Asclepius. He was a famous doctor who sailed thirty ships with his brother to assist in the Trojan War. Along with Podalirius, his brother, Manchaon healed many Greeks. He was on of the men hidden in the Wooden Horse and was killed in the battle. His brother sent his body back to Greece where a temple was erected on his grave.

Medea was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and was a powerful sorceress. She fell in love with Jason while he was searching for the golden fleece. Medea used her power to help Jason find the fleece, to kill both her sons for she thought they were a threat to her, to kill Jason's uncle Pelias, and tried to use her power to have Theseus killed.

Megara was the first wife of Heracles. She was killed when Heracles thought she was an enemy.

Melampus was a cousin of Bellerophon who was kind to small snakes and in return for the deed, the snakes gave him the power to understand the speech of animals.

Melanthios was the goatherd loyal not to his master Odysseus, but the evil suitors of Penelope.

Melantho was the sister of Melantho and the maid of Penelope. She loved Penelope's suitor Eurymachus, and would have betrayed Odysseus.

Meleager was an Arogonaut and the main hero of the Calydonian boar hunt. He killed the boar with his bare hands and gave the head to Atalanta. This caused quarrels and Meleager ended up killing two of his uncles.

Memnon was the Ethiopian king who killed the oldest son of Nestor and helped Priam.

Menelaus was the brother of Agamemnon and the husband of Helen.

Mentor was the wise old man who Athena pretended to be many times in order to help Odysseus.

Midas was a foolish but kindly king who is best known for the golden touch.

Minos was the son of Zeus and Europa and the brother Sarpedon and Rhadamanthus. He was a wise lawgiver and his laws remained for over 1,000 years. All of his laws were fair and just so men and gods agreed to them. When Minos died he was made one of the three judges for the dead, in the Underworld.
Another Minos was the ruler of Crete who demanded 7 girls and 7 boys from Athens each year to feed to his stepson the minotaur.

Mopsus was a member of the Argonauts and he also was one of the people who were at the Calydonian boar hunt. He was also in the battle between the centaurs and the Lapithae.

Myrrha was the daughter of Cinyras, but she was cursed by Aphrodite so she fell in love with her father. After her father found out that she was carrying his child, he tried to kill her. She was turned into a tree and her baby was sent to Persephone for care.

Narcissus was the son of Cephisus and Liriope. He was a very handsome and vain boy who rejected love from everyone and fell in love with his own reflection in a pond.

Nauplius was the father of Palamedes, who was killed because of a jealous Odysseus. For revenge, Nauplius told the wives of the Greek kings that their husbands were in love with some slave, who they planned to make queen.

Nausicaa was the was a princess who helped Odysseus find his way home.

Neoptolemus was the son of Achilles. During the Trojan war, he killed Priam and when the war was over, married Hermoine. He was killed by a servant in the temple of Apollo.

Nestor was the son of Neleus and Chloris. He was the only one out of twelve brothers to not be killed be Hercules. Nestor was present at the wedding between Peirithous and Hippodamia. Nestor was the most perfect, wise, and eloquent of all the heroes in the Trojan War, and the only one not to be cursed by the gods.

Niobe was the daughter of Tantalus and wife of Amphion, the King of Thebes. She challenged Leto for Leto had two children while she had twelve. She later lost all her children and was turned to stone by Zeus.

Odysseus was the husband of Penelope and the father of Telemachus. He is best known for his role in the Odyssey, in which he had many adventures.

Oedipus was the son of Jocosta and Laius. He killed his father and married his mother unknowningly, since he was abandoned at birth after his parents found out what was in store for them.

Oenomaus was the son of Ares who refused to let anyone marry his daughter by challenging all suitors to a race which, if they won, he would marry Hippodamia, the princess, and if he lost, he would lose his head. He was defeated at last by Pelops.

Omphale was the queen of Lydia who was served by Heracles for a few years. She made Heracles wear a skirt, and wore his lion cape while using his club while he spun.

Orestes was the son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and the brother of Electra, Iphgenia, and Chrysothemis. Together Orestes, Electra, and his friend Pylades avenged his father Agamemnon's death by killing Clytemnestra and her lover Aigisthus.

Orion was a mighty hunter and the son of Poseidon and Eulyale. He was killed by Artemis when Apollo became jealous of their friendship and challenged Artemis to shoot a target which turned out to be his head.

Orpheus was the son of Calliope and Zeus. He was a great musician who could even charm wild animals with his beautiful music. he was killed by the followers of Dionysius one day.

Palamedes was the son of Nauplius and Clymene. He was sent to get Odysseus to serve in the Trojan War. Palamedes saw through Odysseus' pretended insanity so Odysseus and Palamedes hated each other. Odysseus got the revenge he wanted when he got Palamedes Stoned on charges of treason.

Pandarus was a Trojan archer whose most famous task was to break the peace by shooting Menelaus after the Trojans and the Greeks agreed to peace.

Pandora was the first mortal woman ever created. She was made by Hephaestus because Zeus wanted revenge on Prometheus. Her husband was Epimetheus.

Paris was a Trojan prince who started the Trojan war by kidnapping Helen, the queen of Sparta.

Pasiphae was the daughter of Helios and Persa, and the sister of Aeetus and Circe. She is also the mother of Ariadne, Phaedra, the Minotaur, and Androgeneus. Pasiphae's husband was Minos.

Patroclus was a faithful friend and companion to Achilles in the Trojan War. He died in battle at the hand of Hector, and Achilles vowed revenge.

Peleus was the father of Achilles. He was the mortal who married Thetis.

Pelias was the evil uncle of Jason who sent him on the quest for the golden fleece.

Pelops was a grandson of Zeus, son of Tantalus, and the brother of Niobe. He was the husband of Hippodamia and they had two children, Atreus and Thyestes. Pelops was sacrificed to the gods and cooked. After this incident, all the descendents of Tantalus were cursed. Agamemnon was one of these descendents.

Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, and she was also mother of Telemachus.

Penthesilea was a queen of the Amazons that was killed by Achilles. Once Achilles killed her he wept at killing such a beautiful woman out of anger.

Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae. He beheaded the Gorgon Medusa and

Phaedra was the first wife of Theseus. She loved Hippolytus, who didn't love her, so she told Theseus that he had tried to marry her against her will. Later, she hung herself after learning of her stepson's death.

Phaeton was the son of Helios and . He tried to drive his father's chariot across the sky, but came too close to the earth. Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt.

Philoctetes was the man to whom Heracles gave his arrows.

Phineus was a ruler who could never eat because Harpies kept stealing his food. The Argonauts helped him drive of the Harpies.

Phrixus was the son of King Athamas of Orchomenus and the brother of Helle who was saved by the golden ram that later became the golden fleece after its death. Hermes had sent the golden ram to Nephele, their real mother, and she sent it to save them from the evil mistress of their father, Ino.

Pirithous was a friend of Theseus who tried to marry Persephone.

Polydorus was the son of Hecuba and Priam who did not die in the Trojan war.

Polyneices was the son of Jocosta and Oedipus.

Polyxena was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. Polyxena went with her father to claim the body of Hector and Achilles was so touched by the love she showed her brother that he offered Hector's body in exchange for her. She could not love the man who had murdered her brother Hector, so she helped Paris kill AchillesWhen Achilles was killed in battle, Polyxena was sacrificed on his grave.

Priam was the son of Laomedon and the husband of Hecuba. He had fifty sons and daughters. Praim became the last King of Troy and tried very hard to restore the wrecked city that once was his father's after Heracles destroyed Troy.

Procris was the daughter of King Erechtheus of Athans. She was married to Cephalus, who later killed her by accident.

Protesilaus was a Thessalian who was the first to die because he was the first person to set foot on Trojan soil, according to a prophecy.

Pygmalion was a sculptor who carved Galatea. He fell in love with the statue so he begged Aphrodite to bring it back to life.

Pyramus was a youth loved by Thisbe. His family and Thisbe's family forbade the match. They met secretly, but he killed himself because he thought Thisbe was dead.

Pyrrha was the daughter of Pandora and Epimetheus and the wife of Deucalion. Together Pyrrha and Deucalion had one daughter named Helen. Pyrrha and Deucalion were the only ones to survive a great flood and created more mortals by throwing stones over their shoulders.

Rhadamanthus was a son of Europa and Zeus. He became a judge of the underworld.

Rhesus was the king whose horses could have changed the fate of Troy. It was said that if his horses drank or ate on Trojan soil, Troy would never fall.

Sarpedon was the son of Zeus and Europa. He and his brothers, Minos and Rhadamanthus, quarreled often.

Scamandrius was the baby son of Hector and Andromache. He was thrown down from the walls of Troy to his death by Odysseus in order to prevent him from avenging Troy.

Semele was the mother of Dionysis. She is the daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, and the sister of Agave, Autonoe, Ino, and Polydorus.

Sibyl was the name given to the Pythoness at Delphi. The Pythoness was a priestess of Apollo who would go into a trance and repeat the will of Apollo to those who wished to know their fate. She was also know as Pythia.

Sinon was the Greek responsible for getting the Trojan Horse into Troy.

Sisyphus was the sly king who betrayed a secret of Zeus. He was about to be punished with death but he tricked Hades. After he died, he came back to life with the excuse of getting a coin for the ferry across the Styx. Finally, when he was permanently dead, he was punished by having to push a huge boulder up a steep hill.

Tantalus was a son of Zeus who killed his own son Pelops for the gods to eat. His punishment was to be in a pool of water. When he bent down to drink, the water disappeared. When he reached up to get the fruit in the trees, the branches moved out of reach.

Telamon was the son of Aeacus and Endeis, and the father of Ajax and Teucer. Ajax and Teucer fought together in the Trojan War. Once home, Teucer was banished by Telamon because he did not avenge his brother's death.

Telemachus was the son of Odysseus and Penelope. He helped his father regain the throne after more than fifty suitors.

Telephus was a son of Heracles.

Tereiseias was a blind prophet who had been both man and woman. He was blind because he sided with Zeus in an argument with Hera.

Teucer was the son of Telamon and Hesione and the half brother of Greater Ajax. When Ajax died, Teucer's father never forgave him for not avenging Ajax's death.

Theano was the wife of Antenor. She helped the Greeks get a hold of the Palladium.

Thersites was the ugliest man in the Greek camp. He was beaten by Odysseus for being disrespectful to Agamemnon and killed by Achilles for mockery.

Theseus was the son of Aegeus and Aethra. He became a great hero because of all the evil he conquered. He is best known for defeating the minotaur.

Thisbe was a beautiful maiden who fell in love with her neighbor Pyramus, but their parents forbade their marriage. These two arranged a meeting, but thought each other dead, so they both killed themselves.

Tithonus was a prince loved by Eos. He was immortal, but he did not have youthfulness forever. Because of that, he soon grew wrinkled and old and Eos turned him into a cicada.

Tyndareus was the husband of Leda and the father of Clytemnestra.