Fruit of the Womb:
The Story of Dionysus
Character Listing

Dionysus - the god of wine and parties; unfortunately, a fan of neither
Dionysus Sr. played by Adam Turgeon, Dionysus Jr. played by Patrick Jang
Medea - a witch, and Dionysus' therapist; of questionable sanity herself
played by Stephanie Muriella
Semele - Dionysus' mother, and a little on the vacuous side
played by Meaghan Martin
Hetaira - Semele's moderately intelligent counterpart
played by Angela Gaudette
Narcissus - a shopper in the agora and potential date, who lives up to his name
played by Dave Fallone
Hermaphroditus - another potential date in the agora…enough said
played by Sam Magnusson
Psyche - Medea's silent assistant
played by Virginia Gallagher
Zeus - king of the gods and Dionysus' dead beat dad
played by Jeff Cummins
Oedipus - king of Thebes with marital problems
played by Mike Brenner
Jocasta - Oedipus' wife
played by Sara Langois
Achilles - a Greek warrior in touch with his feminine side
played by Dave Fallone
Martha - one of the nymphs of Nysa
played by Jenn Campbell (me!)
Madeline - another of the nymphs of Nysa; Martha's counterpart
played by Andrea Bolton
Theseus - king of Athens with family problems
played by Alex David
Pentheus - another king of Thebes who is too curious for his own good
played by Jesse Lake
Servant - advisor to Pentheus
played by Stephanie Teffer
Agave - Pentheus' overly energetic mother
played by Andrea Carbert
Dido - suicidal queen of Tyre
played by Deanna Brown
Jason - king of Corinth and ex-husband of Medea
played by Ryan Gorsch
Passers-by - innocent onlookers of Semele at the agora
played by Andrea Bolton, Krystalle Dickson, Tracy Rath, Sam Magnusson, Deanna Brown, Dave Fallone, Stephanie Teffer, Andrea Carbert
Maenads - savage clients of Dionysus' etiquette school
played by Becca Wright, Andrea Bolton, Krystalle Dickson, Tracy Rath, Andrea Carbert

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